New release: 25Prism

My third visual novel, 25Prism – The Autumn of our Lives, is out today!

This visual novel tells the story of three people stuck on a supernaturally looping path. As they look for an exit and get to know each other, they realize the mystery does not end there.

It’s both a first and a last for me. A first because it was the first time I wrote long-form directly in English. It’s also a romance, and use characters-routes. Needless to say, it was pretty far from my comfort zone! But also a last, because I don’t expect to make more visual novels. I still have plans for the existing ones, Last (K)night and Code Muse, but after that I will focus on classic, non-interactive prose.

As I said, I’m not a native English-speaker. Though I did my best, there’s a non-zero risk of mistakes or plain weird sentences. If you notice such things, I would really appreciate if you could report them to me so I can fix them! My contact info is at the bottom of the page. Or you can reach me on twitter at @dreamnoid.

25Prism started as a kind of personal game jam in November 2014. I was tired of working on my year-long Code Muse project and wished for a change of pace. I wanted something different yet very simple, requiring few assets, and written from the seat of my pants. After a stroll in the woods during a beautiful autumn afternoon, the idea was born. I did most of the work back then, but shelved the project because I wasn’t happy with it. Six months later, having almost forgotten it existed, I used my new perspective to re-imagine it. It’s far from the ‘simple thing’ I envisioned back then, and required my full energy those last few months to finish it.

I am absolutely terrified by the prospect of releasing it. Because of how different it is from what I usually do, its weird genesis, the wider potential audience and the fact I have no idea if it’s any good. All releases are dreadful, but that one especially so. But hey, there is no worthy endeavor in this world that is not scary.

So yes, here is 25Prism, you can get it for free for Windows or Mac OS X on